Tomb Raider Multiplayer Detailed

After last weeks announcement by Crystal Dynamics that the new reboot for Tomb Raider would have multiplayer, it has finally been disclosed in the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine. The information was posted on the Tomb Raider forums by a user who has received the latest issue. Many fans have been annoyed at the inclusion of multiplayer in Lara’s latest adventure, but I don’t see what the big deal is. Sure its not necessary, but its there for those who want it, also, I assumed it would be similar to Uncharted’s online play, which was fine, and it sure does sound like it.

Team Deathmatch: Players can take control of Lara’s friends or the islands locals in a best of 3 session. Players will have to avoid not only each other, but also environmental hazards as they shoot, climb and melee one another.

Rescue: Survivors must stay together and pickup and deliver med packs to various locations in the environment. Meanwhile scavengers must take them out hoping to reach a specific kill count before the Survivors win.

Cry for Help: This mode is still under wraps but is said to rely on discovery and collection.

In multiplayer, gamers will not play as Lara, but as various friendly and nonfriendly avatars from the campaign, complete with some customization on weapons and loadouts. The accumulation of XP will unlock further gear and avatars to play with. As I said, these multiplayer details sound quite similar to Uncharted’s, with the games signature climbing and environmental hazards playing a part in its online offerings. How do you feel about multiplayer in primarily single player only titles? Sound off below!


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