lil review: Middle Manager of Justice

  • Platforms: iOS
  • Developer: Double Fine
  • Publisher: Dracogen
  • Release Date: December 13, 2012
  • Price: Free to Play
  • Official: Middle Manager

“Double Fine invades your phone”

Double Fine studios is a fan favorite for a reason: Tim Schafer is a likable fellow who has helped create some of the most memorable adventure games of all time, the studio has a great sense of humor, and the group continues to put out fun creative titles with very little backing. From Psychonauts to Brutal Legend to Trenches and Stacking; each game is vastly different from the last, and Middle Manager of Justice continues that trend. MMoJ is Double Fines first mobile title, and while it doesn’t take any huge risks, it is still a fun little diversion.

MMoJ is a freemium title, meaning you can download and play for free and work your way through the game, or you can occasionally purchase bonuses in game that can bypass some of the necessary work. Not once during my several weeks of on and off play did I feel compelled to purchase anything. Double Fine have crafted a title that doesn’t feel like a constant grind that is trying to push you towards purchasing content like some other mobile games do.

MMoJ see’s you taking over a branch of Justice Corp, a struggling company that oversees and protects cities by managing Superheroes. As the new Middle Manager of Branch 42 it is your job to hire heroes, build up your division, and put out all of the necessary fires that spring up over town. You begin your duties by hiring your first Hero. At the start you can only afford a select few, but over time you will be able to hire more and more. Each Hero has a distinct personality and power set, and as you progress you can also level them up increasing strength, intelligence, and endurance, as well as new powers.

The speed in which you improve your business depends on how well your Heroes are protecting the city. From your map you will be able to see when districts are under duress and you will have the option of choosing who to send out to help and how many. You can choose to send out only one Hero or four, and when you do you initiate combat. The fighting system within MMoJ is a simplistic take on old school turn based fare. You will have your Heroes on the left side of the screen, and the enemies on the right. Combat has a brisk pace and your Heroes will fight on their own, but you can intervene by telling them when to use their Special Attacks or by motivating them with your Managerial powers.

Every time you pick up the game, even if its only for five minutes, you get a nice sense of progression. Whether your gaining experience for your Heroes, adding another room to your foundation, or just researching new items; MMoJ is a rewarding experience. Being a Double Fine joint, Middle Manager also features a great cartoon art style and fun dialogue. Peppered throughout the environments are nice little doses of comedy, and before and after each fight, your Heroes will have a nice short battle of words with the henchman they are stopping. In MMoJ it all comes together to create a fun small game, that while not pushing any boundaries or featuring the most in depth gameplay, still provides the player with a simple diversion. With MMoJ Double Fine continues their trend of putting out fun creative titles, even if it is just for your iPhone.

lil Rundown

  • + Enjoyable timesink
  • + Great personality
  • + Free price of admission
  • – Game is overall simplistic
  • – Once you obtain everything, not much incentive to keep playing

Final Score

7.0 / 10



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