Connecticut town destroying games

Yet another perfect example of the world we live in being absolutely blind. The “adults” in this world continue to be oblivious to the real problems of the world and continue to point the finger of all the worlds troubles to that of games and film. Every horrible act that takes place upon this green Earth is of course because of violence in videogames, just like it was due to music and films before that, it can’t possibly be because the world we live in is full of parents that have forgotten how to teach, how to discipline. It can’t possibly be because the News Outlets get off on showing the most cruel and horrible acts on television, it can’t be because the world is always at war and that this is the reality young ones are developing in. If someone plays an Xbox, of course he will grow into a violent sociopath; it can’t possibly be because his home life is troubled and he has gradually become an unhinged human being. Blame videogames! Not humanity!

To get to the point, a town in Connecticut is actively gathering and destroying “violent” videogames, and giving people coupons to restaurants in exchange for them. I am sure this will fix the town’s troubles and enlighten the towns youth into perfect little angels…or overly protective and close minded fools…whichever.

Full Story

Fun Fact: I continued to check if I was spelling Connecticut correctly over and over…who came up with that spelling?!


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