Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Trailer

The developers at Terminal Reality should have followed the games subtitle when deciding to release this trailer or not; as its pretty awful. Activision’s upcoming First-Person shooter is no doubt going to sell copies, as the show is wildly popular and zombies in general do good in gaming. But selling well doesn’t mean something is good, and this trailer is absolutely sub par in every way. Its absolutely bizarre that Terminal Reality would release this trailer in its current state: Below average graphics, screen tearing, poor animations, boring gameplay and on and on. Everything showcased here looks like it belongs in a budget title or maybe a shoddy mod for a released game. The strangest choice however, is the lack of quick cuts and sound, as if the developers honestly believe they are showing a gem that emphasizes tension and scares…which it does not. See for yourself if Walking Dead: Survival Instinct should be on your radar. I say stick with Telltales remarkable series and forget about this.

One thought on “Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Trailer


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