Secret World Subscription Removed!

Funcom has announced something pretty cool for fans of MMO’s or stories in games. (Although its not necessarily good for them) Their newest supernatural MMO The Secret World has had its Subcription Model removed starting as early as today! Now in order to get into this fascinating universe gamers simply need to purchase the game and dive right into the hundreds of hours of content provided.

I mentioned TSW in my post about diving back into MMO’s here, stating “This year saw the release of a real different feeling MMO, one that was very unique and special, and one that is not the juggernaut Guild Wars 2, the game I’m speaking of, is Funcom’s Secret World.” and “when it inevitably goes to the F2P model, I urge you to give it a shot.” Well that time was sooner than I thought, and also, this isn’t a Free to Play model, not technically. Purchasing the game nets you every single piece of content the game offers, including the 4 Issues that have been released since launch. Plus, if you Register an account before December 31st, you will get Issue 5 which releases in January for free.

This method is similar to Guild Wars 2. The game will still receive free updates, but the larger “Issues” will be sold for a price, for instance, for those people who don’t register by December 31st, they will have to pay $5 for Issue 5. Diehard fans of game can still support Funcom by paying a subscription fee, but it is only for extra perks and is not necessary.

  • Time Accelerator
  • $10 worth of Bonus Points (given out every month)
  • Item-of-the-month gift (given out every month)
  • 10% discount to everything in the in-game store

The Secret World was a really cool MMO that focused on real life supernatural stories and customization. The voice acting was well done and the story actually interesting. The game can be found cheap in most stores and online, purchase the game before December 31st and dive into this world that you can easily spend hundreds of hours in.

The Previous Issues Released Featured:

Issue #1Unleashed was the first update to The Secret World. It introduced a full mission pack, adding content to all the game’s major regions. Several Nightmare dungeon modes were also unlocked, giving veteran dungeon crawlers even more brutal tests to their skills.

Issue #2: The second update, Digging Deeper, gave players the very first Auxiliary Weapon – the Rocket Launcher. The Issue included several new missions and Nightmare dungeons, in addition a barbershop and plastic surgery gave the players many new options for changing their looks.

Issue #3: In The Cat God The Secret World had its first seasonal event with Halloween, and players got a completely new storyline with an epic fight in Stonehenge.  Furthermore new missions were made available, and the dangerous Lairs got a big boost.

Issue#4: Our biggest update yet was Big Trouble in the Big Apple. It added a new raid in New York, a second Auxiliary Weapon – the Chainsaw, the Albion Theatre in London, new missions and Lair content, and a big PvP enhancement for the Fusang Warzone.


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