Last of Us Trailer and Date

Just below this post I said South Park is one of my most looked forward to games for 2013, The Last of Us is THE #1 game on my radar for 2013. Naughty Dog is an extremely impressive studio who have brought the world Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, and of course Uncharted, one of the most cinematic exciting experiences around. The Last of Us looks set to continue their impressive track record and perhaps deliver one of their most emotional tales to date.

At the VGA’s a new trailer premiered with an emphasis on story and also showed off the release date: May 7th. First details came out today regarding the pre order incentives for the title. If you pre order at a participating retailer you will gain access to the “Sights and Sounds” pack which includes the games official soundtrack, a dynamic theme and two PSN avatars. But if you pre order at Gamestop you will not only receive the “Sights and Sounds” pack, but also the “Survival Pack” which comes with bonus XP for multiplayer, melee booster, extra cash, customization, and two bonus skins. The extra’s are nice, and also obviously announce multiplayer, at least to me since I didn’t realize it would have any.

I cannot wait for this game and you can check out the trailer below if you had decided to do something far more interesting and rewarding than wasting your time watching the VGA’s, which is completely understandable.


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