VGA Winners

So Spike TV’s Video Game Awards aired last night, and surprisingly it wasn’t as utterly loathsome as it usually is, though don’t get me wrong, it still wasn’t very good. For being an Award Show there still wasn’t much attention focused on the actual giving of awards, with most categories and winners being told on sites such as Twitter then in the actual program itself, which mostly consisted of random skits and musical performances.  This year also lacked much surprise as the Game Premiers were primarily on titles we already knew about, which is pretty disappointing. BUT the Game of the Year went to Telltale’s The Walking Dead, and I say HELL YEAH to that!

  • Game of the Year: The Walking Dead: The Game
  • Studio of the Year: Telltale Games
  • Best Xbox 360 Game: Halo 4
  • Best PlayStation 3 Game: Journey
  • Best Wii/Wii U Game: New Super Mario Bros. U
  • Best PC Game: XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Best Shooter: Borderlands 2
  • Best Action/Adventure Game: Dishonored
  • Best RPG: Mass Effect 3
  • Best Multiplayer Game: Borderlands 2
  • Best Individual Sports Game: SSX
  • Best Team Sports Game: NBA 2K13
  • Best Driving Game: Need for Speed Most Wanted
  • Best Song in a Game: “Cities” by Beck (Sound Shapes)
  • Best Original Score: Journey
  • Best Graphics: Halo 4
  • Best Independent Game: Journey
  • Best Fighting Game: Persona 4 Arena
  • Best Handheld/Mobile Game: Sound Shapes
  • Best Performance by a Human Female: Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine (The Walking Dead: The Game)
  • Best Performance by a Human Male: Dameon Clarke as Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2)
  • Best Adapted Video Game: The Walking Dead: The Game
  • Best DLC: Dawnguard (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)
  • Best Downloadable Game: The Walking Dead: The Game
  • Best Social Game: You Don’t Know Jack

4 thoughts on “VGA Winners

    1. Yeah, the nerd shit is awful, and that chick host was horrible. If your going to do an interview with someone at least know their name! That goes double when that person has helped bring gaming some of its greatest releases with series such as Half-Life and Portal and single-handedly changed distribution with Steam!

      1. Agreed.

        My number one issue with events like these is the hosts and celebrities tend to come off as very forced and honestly quite fake. I am sure that many of them do play games, but I don’t think they identify with gamers in the same way that a gamer who thinks the VGA’s could be important for the industry beyond blatant commercialism does.

        Oh well – it could’ve been worse!


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