Bioshock Infinite Delayed A Second Time

Studio Irrational Games and creative director Ken Levine have announced that their hugely anticipated title Bioshock Infinite will not be making its originally announced release date of late February and will instead be seen on shelves on March 26th 2013.  This is the second delay for the game as it was originally meant for an October 2012 launch before being pushed back.
Levine says that this delay will give them several more weeks to polish and bug fix the game so that their fans get the game they deserve. He also says that fans upset at the news can mostly throw the blame on Rod Fergusson who left Epic Games to come work at Irrational. “He spent a few weeks at the company. We sat down and he said I think the game’s great, but I think it could really use three or four weeks of polish and bug fixing time” Levine told Journalists at a preview event about Rod’s early involvement and opinion. Levine also spoke about how worried he was to have to announce a delay for the game a second time to them, but assured it will only benefit the title.
Most outlets such as IGN, Polygon and Destructoid have put up previews of their time with the game at the event, each writing about how great the game looks and plays. Be sure to read up on the title, and get excited to finally get your hands on it at the end of March.

2 thoughts on “Bioshock Infinite Delayed A Second Time

  1. I’m cool with that, I don’t want a repeat of the wall-safe bug in BS1. God, that was a game-breaker, if ever there was one, and that game pretty much fits a socialist’s outlook and narrative- a but “F U” to Ayn Rand libertarian-ism. One thing that’s concerning, which I don’t mind too much, is the setting to BSI, it’s diametrically different to BS1 and 2, can they still maintain those creepy overtones and paranoid undertones in a cloud city? Those JRPG cliches can ruin a horror fan’s appetite. But overt leftist political messages hits another spot entirely, at least for me.


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