Quick Half-Bits!

So I have been swamped lately, swamped I say! This semester is almost at an end and I have been doing lots of papers and other whatnot’s for school. Add to that various games of varying degree’s of satisfaction and BAM! I accidentally forgot about the Bits on Saturday! I know, I know, you all have been lost and scared with its absence, I do apologize. But here is a short summary of the going’s on’s in the world of gaming and what I have in the oven for CA!

THQ Humble Bundle GrowsThe Humble Bundle I wrote about last week has grossed $3.3 Million dollars and has also added an additional game and some bonus DLC to the package. The money is being split between profiting THQ, going to the Childs Play charity, and helping out the people behind the Humble Bundles. THQ has also added the hit title Titan Quest to the compilation and downloadable content for Red Faction Armageddon. These additions bring the total number of games to eight, sitting beside: Saints Row The Third, Metro 2033 and Darksiders among others. Do yourself a favor and pick up this great deal for as low as $5.60

Crysis in February:  Crytek has announced that the sequel to the hit franchise Crysis will release in late February 2013 for PC, Xbox and PS3. On February 19th you will be able to once again put on your nano suite and jump around a destroyed New York City punching helpless villains halfway across the world.

Nintendo’s Secret Patch: This week Nintendo released two quiet system updates to their 3DS and Wii U hardware. Little is known about what exactly the updates entail besides a rather ho-hum statement from Nintendo. “Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.” Hopefully it improves the somewhat shoddy load times for the Wii U between menu transitions.

So that’s the Half-Bits, sorry about the quiet state of the Blog since last week, darn school stuff ya knows?! Plus trying to beat some of these games I have managed to pick up so I can review them for the site. I’m just one man people! (Although there are OTHERS who are supposed to be contributing…ahem)
As for content I am hoping to get up soon, I just recently finished up Halo 4 and you should be able to read my thoughts on that one shortly. I have also been driving through Forza Horizon(AHA! GET IT!) and although I haven’t completed it, I have enough behind me to know my opinion. I am also working my way through Hitman: Absolution, and well…that will hopefully be done soon. I also just recently picked up FarCry 3 and WWE 13, the latter of which seems surprisingly solid, and the former…Oh boy; do yourselves a favor people and pick up the last great game of 2012.  In what I have been calling “The Year of Disappointments” Ubisoft may be trying to get on good terms with me after assaulting my heart with Assassins Creed 3. Enjoy the end of the week and see you on Saturday peoples!


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