Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

Edmund McMillen has announced and detailed his new Binding of Isaac remake titled Rebirth. McMillen is the co-creator of Super Meat Boy and the sole mind behind last years cult hit, Binding of Isaac. The original game was a twisted treat for fans with addictive gameplay but maddening difficulty. Isaac received an expansion in 2012 that added %70 more content for a few extra bucks. The game was originally supposed to release on the Nintendo 3DS but Nintendo wasn’t comfortable with its mature themes.

Now Edmund is teaming up with Nicalis the team behind the ports of VVVVVV and Cave Story to bring this new vision of Isaac to life. This remake will be coming to the PS3 and Vita (though he is in talks with Microsoft and Nintendo) and will feature all of the content from the original Binding of Isaac, its expansion Wrath of the Lamb and an additional expansions worth of material including: new final chapter, two new playable characters, tons of new items, rooms, enemies, and bosses. The remake will also include 2 player local co-op and an entirely new graphical style. This is hours and hours of content and it will be great for newcomers but should also provide veterans with plenty of new experiences.

The Binding of Isaac was a great game and one I frequently go back to on Steam, if you haven’t played it yet be sure to keep an eye out for this edition of the indie title.


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