3DS XL Holiday Bundle

Seems everywhere you look Nintendo is making waves in some form: New Console, downloadable content, new Wii Mini, new Mario titles on every platform, its crazy stuff. They will get you no matter how much you fight! As if the launch of the Wii U and the Wii Mini wasn’t enough, Nintendo has just announced a new Holiday Bundle for their handheld the Nintendo 3DS. The bundle will include a blue Nintendo 3DS and a copy of the excellent Mario Kart 7 pre-installed within the system. The package will retail for $199 and is a solid purchase if your in the market for the platform.

5 thoughts on “3DS XL Holiday Bundle

  1. This bundle might be what finally convinces me to get a 3DS. I saw DSi XL bundles for Black Friday and wondered why the 3DS XL didn’t have something similar…I guess this is why.

    1. The 3DS is a really well done handheld. Super Mario 3D Land is just a flat out extremely fun game, and Resident Evil Revelations puts 6 to shame. And with Paper Mario, Professor Layton, Animal Crossing, and others, the library is growing.

    2. Got the 3DS within a few months of its release…it’s worth getting. Early buyers got a few perks, like the Ambassador program on the eShop.

      1. Really wish I had money when that happened, wanted to jump on the wagon just before the program launched to get all those sweet classic games. Still waiting for a new Metroid and Advance Wars Nintendo! Let me throw my money at you for your handheld games because your console prowess is surely in dire straits.


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