Bungies Destiny detailed

Bungie can’t catch a break. Last year details on Bungies follow up to Halo, Destiny, were leaked during the conflict between EA and Activision regarding the lawsuit regarding the creators of Call of Duty and Infinity Ward. Now details have appeared showing more of the game from an unknown source by IGN. They have the first story beats and artwork showcasing the look of the game. Bungie, being the good sports they are, have even made a short page on their website showing off another art piece from the games creation.

I feel for Bungie, they only want to work on their next huge title in peace and quiet, but keep getting their work leaked. I wouldn’t be surprised at all however, if there is a trailer for Destiny set to premier at the VGA’s next month. The logo image on IGN bares 360 and PS3 insignia, which saddens me, but does put the game in a 2013 release.

Source: IGN

3 thoughts on “Bungies Destiny detailed

  1. I am really excited to see what people think of Bungie outside the sphere of being the ‘Halo-people’ and outside of typical console fanboyism.

    I personally felt like they did a lot to innovate the FPS space (across all of gaming) and have always been a good gamer-first style company. They just always seem so nice, fun, and lovable.

  2. They definitely made an impact when they released Halo. First-Person shooters (on consoles particularly) were completely changed the day it hit Xbox. Controls were forever mapped to the Halo style. And with the Halo series they also built an incredible online infrastructure that most games use today.
    I enjoyed Bungies other little series before Halo too, Myth. Myth was an awesome strategy game on PC that I would love to see them bring back. Those grenade tossing gnomes were awesome!


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