Quick Bits! 11/24

Thanksgiving is over, the food has been chomped down, the hours of relaxation spent, the senseless sheep have shopped on the blackest of Fridays, and now another weekend is halfway through completion. Did any of you shop on the most frustrating shopping day of the year? Any people purchase one of those fancy and shiny new techno gadgets called a Wii U? Or have you all been watching football and sleeping the days away? Nintendo’s new console has had some setbacks with fans, but most are hopeful of the new technology and what it may provide users; I know I hope its a success. But that’s all for the future to decide, this is about this past week’s worth of news…ONTO THE BITS!

Sonic Wants New Friends: Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed is a pretty solid kart racing title that recently came out in one of the busiest times of the year (so if you haven’t even heard of it, your forgiven) But Sumo Digital, the developers, have recently announced support for a fan contest that may possibly assist in deciding new racers in the form of DLC. Fans have selected 26 characters from SEGA’s past as potential candidates, and any who receive more than 1000 votes will be brought to SEGA for consideration for possible inclusion later. Among some of the choices are: Ryu Hazuki, Vectorman, Bayonetta, Jacky Bryant, and Ecco the Dolphin. Now Sumo have said nothing a guarantee, but that they will try to include the fans favorites. This is a pretty cool idea and you can vote for your favorite SEGA characters on their forums.

Amazon Cyber Monday: Amazon have shown a small list of titles that will be on sale for their Cyber Monday promotion. There will undoubtedly be many more than just these, as their Black Friday deals were absolutely ridiculous. Kinect Star Wars, Dishonored, The Secret World, Soul Calibur V, Need For Speed: The Run, Dance Central 3, WoW: Mist of Pandaria Collector’s Edition, Wipeout: The Game, Disney Princess: My Fairy Tale Adventure, Doom 3: BFG Edition, NHL 13, NHL 13 Stanley Cup’s Collector’s Edition.

Fight for Fortune: A new title in the Uncharted series will be coming out in just a short couple weeks, as on December 4th Uncharted: Fight for Fortune will be available to download on the PS Vita. Fortune will be a card battle game in which players make decks out of villains, heroes and mercenaries throughout the Uncharted series and battle online opponents or the AI. The small game will only set you back $4.99

Gotta Have Faith: A sequel to the cult favorite Mirrors Edge may yet see the light of day. Throughout the year there have been small hints from people at Dice and EA itself that the series may not yet be dead, but just recently Ben Cousins of ngmoco Sweden, a small indie developer, stated that “it is general knowledge in the Stockholm dev scene that Mirror’s Edge 2 is in production at DICE.” The small tidbits keep piling up and fans can remain hopeful to once again climb and jump in the nimble shoes of Faith.

Its Civil War: Zen Studios Pinball FX has seen another update to its Pinball lineup as Marvel’s Civil War table is now available to download. All users who own the PSN and Xbox Live game can find the new table designed after the 6 issue mini arc from 2006 waiting for them within the game itself as the other DLC have been. People who are not familiar with the Pinball game should definitely give it a try as it is a very fun and competitive game, and includes various tables from other games including Ms. Splosion Man and Plants VS Zombies.

Clothes Make the Man: IO Interactive’s Hitman Absolution came out this week, and after playing it for several hours, its a pretty solid game. But one issue myself and many gamers are having lies with the disguise system, its kind of broken. As it currently stands Agent 47 can be easily found out within moments of changing clothes; a key component to past games. Well there may be good news in the future as the IO Community Manager recently posted on the game official forums hinting at a potential adjustment to the games system. Nick simply said “We are currently looking at how to tweak the detection system with disguises.” Hopefully the team will tone down the speed and range of this mechanic as the game itself would be greatly improved with such a tweak.

A Far Cry From Home: Ubisofts FarCry 3 releases on December 4th, and looks to be pretty damn exciting. The game is blending the best aspects of the first two into a whole new open world experience. With a mixture of FPS mechanics and RPG systems it will allow players to explore its beautiful island paradise while players hunt, gather, and drive jeeps and jet skis at their leisure. The game has been receiving high marks from most sites and I am seriously pumped for this one. The last great game of the year.

Well that’s a wrap folks, make sure to enjoy the remainder of your weekend and try to get excited for going back to work or school on Monday, Cyber Monday!

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