Steam Autumn Sale

The fine folks at Valve have once again started a massive sale on Steam this week. With new deals every day as well as tons that will be open the entirety, there are games for everyone to grab at super low prices. The first day of the event has great titles that should definitely be considered such as…

  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown – $33
  • The Walking Dead – $12
  • Darksiders 2 – $16
  • Age of Empires 3 – $10
  • Payday: The Heist – $5
  • Limbo – $2.50
  • World of Goo – $2.50
  • Mark of the Ninja – $12
  • Legend of Grimrock – $7
  • Hotline Miami – $7

I have reviewed several of those games on this site, and given them great scores. If you can’t spend $30 on XCOM right now, then definitely pick up Mark of the Ninja or Hotline Miami, among those others.

2 thoughts on “Steam Autumn Sale

    1. Yeah, I can’t purchase anything right now, zero money. This past weekend was killer for me! All the great deals I couldn’t take advantage of (><)


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