Walking Dead Episode 5 and Hitman Available Now!

The final episode of Telltale Games masterful Walking Dead series is now available for the PlayStation Network today, and will be made available for Xbox Live and Steam users tomorrow. The conclusion to this epic story has been met with rave reviews from most major publications with IGN giving it a 9.5 and Polygon handing it a 9. Be sure to start your Thanksgiving feeling depressed and lost by finishing up this amazing series.

And if you haven’t played what is arguably the Game of the Year, what the hell have you been doing?! Be sure to read my review for Episodes 1-4 spoiler free right HERE! Then pick up the game immediately!

IO Interactive also has a small little game quietly attacking shops today as well, titled Hitman: Absolution. The long awaited sequel to 2006’s Hitman Blood Money, Absolution see’s 47 out on his own, being hunted by his own agency and doing what he can to help a mysterious young girl. The game has been garnering mostly positive reviews with some, such as PC Gamer, being among the lower scores. Look forward to my own review of each of these titles in the coming weeks.


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