lil review: Angry Birds Star Wars

  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Developer: Rovio Entertainment
  • Publisher: Rovio Entertainment
  • Release Date: November 8, 2012
  • Price: $0.99
  • Official: Angry Birds

“Force is actually quite strong with this one”

Angry Birds is somewhat of a controversial game to most “hardcore” gamers. It is a small title with one simplistic goal, a game that has been widely embraced by the general public and one that has also raked in millions of dollars while doing so; all of these things have painted a large target on its back. Hated because its cool primarily. But the games are a success for a reason, they work. They’re fun little games that are a perfect complement to five available minutes before having to do something more productive. For this latest release Rovio has partnered with one of the biggest franchises around, Star Wars, and has laid the foundation for what could easily be the best entry in the series.

What started with a simple idea (fling birds into blocks to destroy pigs) has gradually evolved into a slightly more thoughtful endeavor. Angry Birds Space brought gravity into the mix, with the ability to slingshot your birds around planet’s, using the gravitational pull to launch them into an area you wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve. You could also break the pigs protective barriers, causing them to freeze in space, or give them a gentle nudge, causing the nearby gravitational pull to suck them into the planets surface and thus ceasing to exist.

Angry Birds Star Wars takes all of these idea’s from previous games, and then sprinkles it all with Star Wars pizzazz. From the menu’s housing little easter eggs, to the familiar opening  complete with John William’s score and title scroll. Each location, character, and sound effect is taken straight from the films, and then given a little extra charm. I couldn’t help but have a smirk the first ten minutes of playing the game, as they use the brand in clever ways. The biggest addition however, besides the visual flair, are the new abilities the game brings with it.

Each bird in the series has always had a unique power that makes them more important in crucial areas, and this time, each bird is modeled after a character from the film. Red takes on the persona of Luke Skywalker, Bomb is Obi-Wan etc. Eventually Red can use a lightsaber to cut through tougher materials, Obi-Wan can use the Force to launch items and pigs out of his way, and Chewbacca just slams through everything causing complete and utter destruction, which is awesome.

Any fan of Angry Birds will obviously find stuff to like here, but it is the “real” gamers I am trying to get to give this little game a chance. Angry Birds is actually kind of a fun game, and the added Star Wars is a really nice bonus. At 99¢ (and free on Android with ads) this is a cheap and entertaining distraction, there’s even a pseudo boss battle with Darth Vader (Pig?) at the end. Rovio consistently updates the series with free level packs fairly often, so you will always have something to play while you wait a few minutes in line, or for the movie to start in the theater. -Chuck

 lil Rundown

  •  + Simple but fun gameplay
  •  + Star Wars extras are well done
  •  – Somewhat short right now
  •  – Level pack DLC day one

Final Score

8.5 / 10



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