Tim Schafer invites you inside Double Fine

Tim Schafer, the guys a legend in the games industry, known for his smart and comedic writing and just super cool attitude, he has helped bring to life titles such as The Secret of Monkey Island, Full Throttle, and my personal favorite Grim Fandango. Or if your slightly younger then those games, his studio Double Fine Productions has more recently put out hits like Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, and Trenched (Iron Brigade) Now Tim and company are allowing you to help them choose their next games to possibly create. Amnesia Fortnight is a special event where the folks at Double Fine split off into groups and take small ideas and help bring them to life. The event in the past has given birth to Costume Quest, Trenched and Once upon a monster.

Now this year you may participate in the festivities by contributing as little as $1 to the promotion. By donating to the “Humble Bundle” site, you may vote for your favorite idea’s and even get to view and test them yourself. Double Fine practically gave rise to the Kickstarter phenomenon with their adventure game pitch, and now they are at it again making waves in the industry with this special deal. Watch the video below for all the details, and for some random Double Fine fun.


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