Quick Bits! 11/17

This weeks Quick Bits! will actually be, well quick. This evening I beat a game that has left me feeling somewhat angry and bitter, that coupled with this week in general being somewhat slow for news, has resulted in a smaller Bits. But a mega event happens tonight, the launch of Nintendo’s Wii U! Sooooooo…ONTO THE Wii U BITS!

Nintendo Wii: Nintendo is launching their successor to the Wii tonight, Sunday November 18th, to hungry fans nationwide. The Wii U will feature a new gamepad with a touch screen as well as motion controls. The system will also be Nintendo’s first HD console, and feature a more robust online component.

Launch Title (Nov. 18, 2012)

  • Assassin’s Creed III
  • Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops II
  • Darksiders II
  • Disney’s Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two
  • ESPN Sports Connection
  • Game Party Champions
  • Just Dance 4
  • Madden NFL 13
  • Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth
  • Mass Effect 3: Special Edition 
  • NBA 2K13
  • New Super Mario Bros. U
  • Nintendo Land
  • Rabbids Land
  • Rayman Legends
  • Scribblenauts Unlimited
  • Skylanders Giants 
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
  • Transformers Prime
  • Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013
  • ZombiU 

And overall, reception has been hopeful for the new system. Jim Sterling of Destructoid voiced his opinion and you can read it HERE

And a review for the pack in title, Nintendo Land.

Next week I will return with much more content, but tonight, I prepare my mind for a new review soon.


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