Borderlands Torgue DLC

Gearbox Software has officially unveiled the newest batch of content heading to Borderlands 2 owners, and soon. Dubbed Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage, the content will become available on November 20th, and provide players with a new region as well as new story missions and arena battles, as they try to become the #1 badass and open a newly discovered vault.

 Players will encounter new versions of their favorite enemies as well as new unique boss’s such as a psychopath with a flamethrower, a motorcycle riding crazy, and a giant vehicle that spews fire and can easily crush you named Badassaurus Rex. The campaign will also bring back fan favorites from the original story such as Tiny Tina, as well as new vending machines that only accept a new currency within the expansion. The length should be about the same as Pirates Booty released last month and it will cost the same amount as well at $9.99. Gearbox commented on an increase in level cap stating “We think people are going to be really happy when we do get to it. It’s a little bit different way of doing it. Yes, the number will go up, but there are some other things associated with it that we’re trying to do an even better job of.” But fans will still have to wait until future expansions to experience it.


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