Xbox Live Turns 10, Microsoft Celebrates

Microsoft is celebrating 10 years of Xbox LIVE this week! The festivities include sales on various content throughout the marketplace, a look back over the years, a free game, and special giveaways. If you go to the Xbox Dashboard right now, you will find a special block dedicated to the “Decade of Entertainment” hub, through there you can browse the sales which include: Castle Crashers, Battlefield 1943, Geometry Wars 2, Bastion and others for 50% off.

Some of those titles are definitely worth a look, while the entire Xbox Live Arcade Kinect title Wreckateer, is free right now for download. From the hub you can also download a special “10 Years of Live Gamerpic”, which will enter you for a chance to win prizes such as free Microsoft Points and months of Hulu and Xbox Music, but the big one is a very limited specially made Microsoft Xbox 360 console outfitted with the “Decade of Entertainment logo. Make sure to enter the sweepstakes and get a good game for half off this week only.

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