Star Wars: The Old Republic is now F2P!

The game was highly anticipated and in development for what felt like forever, but eventually EA’s and Bioware’s massive title Star Wars: The Old Republic finally launched in December of last year. Now almost a year later the Massively Multiplayer Online game has gone Free to Play. Starting today anyone can download the title from the Official Site  and begin their quest throughout the Star Wars universe. Players can choose to play as a Jedi, Sith, Smuggler, Bountry Hunter or others as they team with hundreds of other people across the globe.

I used to play this one when it had first launched but a monthly fee and other titles eventually pulled me away. The game was released to mostly positive review scores, even if some faulted it for not breaking new ground, but the updates since launch have added features originally missing from the title. For the very low price of free and the games low system requirements, it is definitely worth a look by PC gamers everywhere.


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