GTA V First Info

What will no doubt be one of the largest releases of next year, is set to be fully uncovered for the first time in just a few hours, as Gameinformer, has all the details for their December issue cover story. Rockstar Games next tale in the hit series will take players to the coasts of Los Santos, for another round of violence and the hunt for the American dream. Gameinformers digital app will feature the 18-page story later this afternoon, while subscribers should see the magazine arrive in their mailbox sometime this week, and newsstands will receive the issue starting next. Rockstar has also informed fans that the next trailer showing off the game will arrive on November 14th for your viewing pleasure.

“Update”  Computer and Videogames have what are supposed to be the first bits of information from Gameinformer subscribers; the list includes the ability to switch protagonists on the fly, more frequent bank heists, and the largest world Rockstar has ever crafted. Read the rest of the tantalizing news over on their site CVG, I personally cannot wait for this one, Rockstar never disappoints.


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