Quick Bits! 11/3/2012

It is yet another Saturday night here in the lovely (but not really) Colorado Springs, the first Saturday of November in fact! That’s your random fact of the day! Keep it secret, keep it safe! And I have decided to make Quick Bits! a weekly event; so now if anyone actually does happen upon this site and reads this nonsense, you will now know that there is in fact a schedule to the madness, and you may find your random batch of tasty news bits on Saturday nights, right here on the CA! Please, try to contain your excitement…ONTO THE BITS!

Bethesda Teases DLC: Late in the week came a possible glimpse at future Skyrim DLC, as Bethesda has teased the rather cool image above on their Twitter page with a date listing of November 5th. No other info was given so the internet is now all abuzz with speculation. Of course everyone will have to wait until Monday to find out for sure, but either way, that guy doesn’t look too friendly.

The Mouse Claims the StarsWalt Disney Studios came out of nowhere and purchased LucasFilm from Georce Lucas, and now owns the rights to the Star Wars and Indiana Jones properties. The House of Mouse picked up Lucasfilm for $4.05 Billion and has promised further films in the science fiction series, with the first coming out sometime in 2015. George Lucas gets even more money, and the world gets to see him not tarnish the saga anymore. Win-win for everyone.

Forward Unto DawnThe epic little mini series that was created as both an advertising campaign and prequel to Halo 4 has come to an end, and surprisingly, the series wasn’t that bad. Sure parts were cheesy, and the acting from the young ones wasn’t that great, but overall, there have been worse things put to film. The entire series can be seen over at Halo Waypoint and should give you just a little more excitement for its release on Tuesday.

Gonna Wreck-It!How does Disney show up twice in one article on a lil blog about gaming? Disney’s newest animated CG spectacle has released this weekend to positive critical reception, and anticipation from gamers everywhere. The newest flick titled Wreck-It Ralph takes place in a videogame haven, complete with short guest spots from famous videogame characters such as Sonic, Q-Bert, Bowser and more. The movie should be entertaining and a nice joint for long time gamers, even if its not anything truly special.

Demon SpawnA rather unique indie game came out this week, in which you play as the spawn of Satan and murder innocent civilians. Fun, no?  Lucius is pretty much The Omen The Videogame, complete with creepy pale child, a 70’s setting, and a large mansion in which to plot around in. Reception has been mixed, with most praising the concept, but not exactly its execution. Still, if you like unnerving children and horror concepts, you may want to partake in this murder spree.

2K and Gearbox Celebrate2K Games have let slip that Gearbox’s unique shooter Borderlands 2, has shipped over 5 million units to stores. They didn’t exactly give exact numbers on how many units actually sold, but seeing as how the first Borderlands eventually went on to sell several million copies, its safe to assume in time, Borderlands 2 may in fact move all 5 million. And in an even more shocking event, 2K have said XCOM was considered a success. Again they didn’t give numbers, but just being considered a relative success is great news indeed!

2 Million PremiumsDice and EA have confirmed that Battlefield Premium is a success, with over 2 million total subscribers thus far. That number pales in comparison to Activisions Call of Duty memberships, but achieving that goal is impossible for anyone other than Call of Duty.

I leave you now with the official Launch Trailer for one of the biggest releases of the year; Halo 4. Get excited for this one people, its going to be EPIC! Chief and Cortana return 12:00 AM November 6th!

PS: As always we here at Counter Attack! appreciate any feedback, input, criticisms, and general brouhaha that you may like to leave below; so please do! Ahem, now onto Halo 4…


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