Quick Bits!

Its late on the last Saturday of October and most people are out in the cold night celebrating crazy drunken Halloween parties that they won’t remember tomorrow morning, but I’m here sitting in front of my computer diligently working on providing you, the dear reader, with a blistering helping of awesome! Don’t ask me why, I just am! I’m nice! It’s not because I have nothing better to do, I coulda gone out and done something!…ONTO THE BITS!

Hotline Miami Releases: An awesome indie gem came out earlier this week for the PC titled Hotline Miami. This little beast is a monster of intrigue, mayhem and 80’s nostalgia that will keep your blood pumping and your head bobbing. An eclectic mix of Super Meat Boy, Vice City and Manhunt; this game will pull you in with it’s murderous embrace and not let you go till you feel like you just can’t breath anymore. Addictive gameplay, amazing soundtrack and an interesting story means Hotline Miami deserves your $10. Pick it up on Steam or GOG now!

Free Weekends: Both Left 4 Dead 2 and Rock of Ages are offering free trials this weekend through Steam, so if you wan’t to slay thousands of rabid zombies or just roll a giant boulder down a maze of twists and turns you can do so by simply downloading and installing the games free of charge!

GTA Sale: A Grand Theft Auto sale is happening right now for all iOS devices as Grant Theft Auto 3 and GTA: Chinatown Wars are both down to a measly .99¢ right now! Both games are HUGE and are worth much more than that small sum. GTA3 revolutionized open world gaming and Chinatown Wars still offers new forms of entertainment not found in previous entries in the series. If you own an Apple product make sure to grab one or both for hours of entertainment. Need something to hold you over until GTA V comes out dontcha?!

Forza HorizonThe latest entry in the Forza racing series has been released and with it a long list of stellar review scores. I’ve been playing it myself and can in fact say; its pretty damn good. If you need to see the open road blazing past at 200MPH make sure to grab this beautiful racer.

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Beta: The beta that has been running for some time is now available to all PS3 owners with a working internet connection, and if you don’t have one well, how the hell you reading this!? The Super Smash Bros: Sony Edition is a colorful mashup of beloved Sony brands as well as some 3rd party favorites, but if you ask me, its just not as good as the franchise it took inspiration from. But don’t take my word on that, try it yourself by grabbing it from the PSN Store shop.

Huge Releases Approaching: Two of the years biggest titles are launching very VERY soon. First up is the third entry in the hugely popular Assassin’s Creed series. This time players will embark on an adventure set during the  American Revolution as they control a new Assassin battling to stop the Templar’s from doing whatever it is they do. Something to do with pieces of Eden and cross’s or whatever…All that matters is you get to look badass while you save the world! Next up is Halo freaking 4! The highly anticipated return of Master Chief is less then 10 days away and if you haven’t gotten back into Halo Reach to prep for his return then you should do that right away! A new story campaign and brand new multiplayer will provide players with countless hours of excitement. Get both of these games anyway you can, sell your dog, liver, collect a bounty; anything! These two will be awesome.

I leave you now with a trailer for Hotline Miami below, support the small developers!

Also I was supposed to have a Dishonored review up earlier this week but I’ve been swamped in school work and other things of varying levels of importance; it will come soon! Stay on pins and needles until then, K?


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