007 Spectre Trailer

News: This November Daniel Craig takes up the mantle of 007 for the fourth time as he investigates a new threat in the form of a group that goes by Spectre. The final trailer shows plenty of action and some more of Christoph Waltz in its short 1 minute and 16 seconds.

Thoughts: I have enjoyed Daniel Craig’s stint as James Bond, with Casino Royale and Skyfall sitting as some of the best of the series in my opinion. With 007 Spectre I am trying not to set my hopes too high, as the trailers thus far, while good, haven’t been great. The addition of Christoph Waltz as the lead villain is exciting and I am hoping for another standout performance in the same vein as Javier Bardem’s creepy but sympathetic Silva from Skyfall.

I believe my apprehension comes from the smaller running times that all of the films trailers have come with. There hasn’t been too much marketing for Spectre and each trailer only provides a brief glimpse of what the film will offer. While this only allows the audience to catch a few action set piece moments, the moments themselves haven’t really done anything for me. On the other hand, this leaner advertising push allows the studios to keep much of the film in the dark and that allows us fans to experience something we rarely feel, genuine surprise and excitement.

In todays world of constant leaks and set pictures and bombardment of trailers that reach four minutes the approach to both 007 Spectre and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in only providing brief glimpses of plot is a nice change of pace. So while the trailers haven’t made me mad with excitement I will no doubt be there on opening weekend when Daniel Craig dons the suit once more.


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